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Set in the dual locations of historical and present-day Ethiopia, HisTorian is the tale of Torian Ezanas, an African-American youth living abroad, who must decide if he is willing to risk life as he knows it, to save a Princess, a new friend and an ancient kingdom.

About the Book
Highly placed officials are conspiring to eliminate America’s underclass. Nothing stands in their way except ex-FBI agent James Marshall. Spins on the issues of corruption, privatization of prisons and an all-too-easy government solution to homelessness.
—Mystery, Conspiracy, Thriller, Fiction

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Politics has always been a dirty business. But for Ricky Taylor, it’s become deadly. In the midst of a bitter election campaign, the prosecutor becomes the target of an internal investigation and a serial killer. It’s never a good time for a serial killer to surface but for Ricky Taylor, it couldn’t be a worse time! The psycho craves headlines and will drag Ricky and his father, a judge and powerful politician in his own right, down to the grave with the victims.

About the Screenplay
Murder in the big city is not an uncommon occurrence. But this serial killer has even the most cynical prosecutor frightened.
—Suspense, Horror, Film Script

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Terminator Seed

Embittered and broke, Justin Mallet is forced to take a job as a agricultural inspector. His uncompromising manner and aggressive methods keep him on the hot seat at work. While investigating allegations that bio-engineered terminator seeds have contaminated local farms, Mallet unearths the cataclysmic effect these bio-engineered seeds will have on crops around the world. He must outmaneuver formidable adversaries or the bio-engineered Terminator Seeds could be the end of us all.

About the Screenplay
Terminator Seed tells the story of Justin Mallet, a seed inspector, who finds himself involved in a deadly biotech corporate conspiracy
—Mystery, Conspiracy, Thriller, Film Script

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